Last week the world was EMBROILED in NBA Finals mania! Lebron and the Cavs and Steph and the Warriors were battling for the trophy. Nothing like some good basketball. Unfortunately, with Lebron comes the age old argument: who is the GOAT Jordan or James? giphy37 Throw in KD’s hair for an extra treat. Grown men and women BATTLING to crown a King. They spent weeks trying to find the answer. However, y’all have truly got your priorities mixed up. Y’all out here trying to have a fictitious battle and a cheeto was single handedly f*cking up the ENTIRE country.

Y’all worrying about KD’s hair and Toupee Fiasco is out here allocating money for A SPACE FORCE in OUTER SPACE! giphy40 I mean are we starting a new country up there?!?!? You heard me right. Cheeto in Chief is gearing up for us to fight the Decepticons!

I guess Bumblebee and nem can’t handle it. Just when you thought this dude couldn’t get any crazier, he lowers the bar. What the hell is in space that we nee to fight?!?!? Haley’s Comet? The Big Dipper? I am CONFUSED!!!! Are we starting a new country up there or what?!? giphy49 giphy39

Every time I think about the fact that these people claim to be “fiscally conservative” when they have NO PROBLEM wasting my money, I get angry. Real Angry. Stone Cold Steve Austin level angry.

I think about walking down to the ring. giphy46  Letting him know just what I think about his dumb ass Space Force giphy45.

Then I would leave him with something to remember me by. giphy43 before I let him know that the conversation is officially over. giphy47 and having a celebratory toast. giphy44

I was confused about why he felt the need to protect a frontier that isn’t in danger anyway! Then it came to me. Once he f*cks up the entire earth giphy48 He’s got to have somewhere where he and His kids ca get those tans.


duh! giphy50

The Culture

We don’t always have to do the most….

Over the weekend, Beyonce and Jay Z took the world by storm by dropping a surprise album: Everything is Love. One thing that has TRULY been concerning me is the Beyhive’s seemed dislike of Jay Z. Now I get it. Jay hasn’t always been a good man as seen during the entire elevator fiasco. But hell most men ain’t sh*t when they think they’re getting over on somebody: yours and my man included if we even have one. I also understand that the Beyhive was expecting new music that they could dance to. However, at this point, we need more than music we can dance to: we need music that says something and unites us as a community. That’s Bey’s new angle and I am completely here for it. Their first single, Apesh*t, give us all the feels. The visual says many things to me that I think are far more important than can I dance to it.

  1. Black Love endures. If you’ve been paying attention, the last few albums from Jay Z and Beyonce have been all about their relationship. It all started with Lemonade when we first got wind of Jay Z’s infidelity. We heard all about Jigga messing around with “Becky with the Good hair”.

    Then came 4:44 where Jay Z admits to his faults and apologizes. giphy25Now we have Everything is Love where we see how they are devoted to each other and their marriage. In other words, they attended therapy sessions and allowed us to be in on the session.

  2. For the Culture. Bey and Jay are worth billions…… and have no f*cks to give about getting along or impressing anyone. I am in LOVE with this new Beyonce. She has gone from being a pop star in bad costumesgiphy30 to doing it for the culture……unapologetically.
  3. Jay BEEN about this black life. We REAL hip hop heads remember Jay from the very beginning and how he has always rapped about the black experience and how our culture has been held hostage by society and its norms. It is said that who you attach yourself to can either upgrade you or ruin you. Jay has increased Beyonce’s cultural awareness and Beyonce has taught him how to be a respectable man, husband and father. They’re definitely winning.
  4. Generational Wealth. There is a woman on Facebook going around saying that letting men lead, going to her “wife school” and trying to adopt grown ass people is the way to generational wealth.

    However, Jay and Beyonce are BOTH out here killing the game and TRULY producing generational wealth by working and pushing: not sitting at home listening to the ramblings of a woman who has no real idea what she’s talking about. If I am going to take financial advice from someone, it will be these two:  giphy27 In Boss, Beyonce raps, “My great-great-grandchildren already rich/That’s a lot of brown chil’ren on your Forbes list,”. Now THAT’S boss moves. giphy36


Prepare yourselves for the Hoteppery

Earlier this year, there was situation where all of your hotep friends were upset with Issa Rae for saying that she thought that black women should date asian men as we are both overlooked in society. Hoteps everywhere were writing paragraph thesis statements and displaying ankhs while smelling like cool water cologne and black and milds in collective outrage that she would DARE try to empower their toys (black women).

Issa is again about to set the hotep community ablaze. Issa is on record as saying that season 3 of her show Insecure will talk about the idea of toxic masculinity. We women already know that men, specifically black men, do NOT want to talk about toxic masculinity as if it does not exist. It exists and it’s becoming more and more common for men to have this expectations of black women that are not true and are quite problematic such as a woman not having the ability to decline a man’s advances without being assaulted either verbally or physically.

The show has not even begun its season yet and it’s already started. A twitter user decided to come for Issa immediately upon learning that his way of life was being attacked in all of his Umar-esque glory. He posted…….but Regan Gomez had all the time that day. Curtis gotta be somewhere collecting his singed and frayed edges……. while burning sage. Po Baby.


The Spirit is willing but the pocketbook ain’t

Much of my childhood was spent living below the poverty line. I always knew that education was the key to getting out of my circumstances. Almost 15 years and 2.5 degrees later I can make an admission: I am only marginally better than the girl who didn’t know where my next meal was coming from.

I wasn’t doing that well from the beginning but then I lost my job, my home, my car……everything. I had an elderly mother and a son looking towards me for support. I have been digging and scratching and clawing ever since 2011 and I have made little to no dent in my debt.

The theme song from “Good Times” says “keeping your head above water….. making a wave when you can”. That’s been my life. There’s ALWAYS something: My son needs this or my mom needs medicine, etc, etc. It’s never ending. Their needs come before mine. It also doesn’t help that I work on a job where I have not had a raise in 5 years but every bill I have has gone up in price.

I feel ashamed that I work as hard as I do and I am barely breaking even and if something happens, no matter how simple, I am overdrawing my account to make it through the month. I have friends who have branched out start businesses and shows and I can never go. My money isn’t really stretching to extra things. I don’t want them to feel that they’re not supported but I honestly can’t take on anymore bills. I feel like I have to do something and it’s going to be a major faith move.

I love writing. I hear from friends that it is something I am really good at and my voice needs to be heard. Therefore, in the next few weeks, I will be switching my blog over to be monetized. But rest assured, it will not cost you anything! I look forward to your support for my new endeavor.

Love and Light!


Sick and Tired of being sick and tired….

I am a very low key person. I am not the one who needs a pat on the back or to be recognized for doing what I am supposed to. However, shouldn’t that count for SOMETHING? It’s rare these days to have someone who comes to work through all kinds of adversity and puts it to the side to get the job done. But that’s me. I have had so many things happen to me in the last 2 years that most of the time I don’t know up from down. I am constantly running to take care of my family and my students. I run hard but it seems that I am always one step behind everyone else. The more I do the right things, the more drama that is pushed my way. I am a fighter but JESUS. I NEED A BREAK! I have never in my life been as unhappy as I am right now and the more I just try to keep moving and praying for the end it’s like there’s always just ONE MORE THING that can be done to increase my anxiety/depression.

Y’all say a prayer for your girl. I’m too pretty to end up in jail.


Dating in 2018 “The F*ckboy Chronicles”

It’s 2018. I am 41 years old and I almost have my life back. giphy1  I am ready to do this thang but for one fact: I am dealing with the worst dating pool in the history of air. Period. It used to be when the older ladies would say “Go to church. You can always find good men who are providers in church”. giphy3 Yeah right. You got real life WHOLE PASTORS out here cheating! Not to mention cheating with married members of their church that they THEMSELVES married!  giphy4 So church is out. Then your friends say “join a dating site! My friend ________ met her husband there!” They have you thinking it will be like this giphy7 but it ends up like this giphy5 and this giphy6 by the time  the penis pictures and the lies and the men who like to cheat on wives and girlfriends who are currently serving overseas  start. (True story). So dating sites are out. Then comes “Don’t look! the bible says HE who FINDS a wife….. not she who finds a husband!” So I mind my business. I got to work, go to the gym, come home take care of my family and then I relax. That’s when it happens…….. again.

It’s a Friday and I am feeling like dirt and looking like it as well. I pull up to the gas station after work to pump some gas. I am approached by a man who needs help getting gas for his car. I give him a few dollars and move on to what I was doing. Next thing I know……he’s back. giphy He then proceeds to ask my name which I give. Then…….he asks for my number so he can take me out. giphy2. Sir…….you just asked me for gas money! So I give him the wrong number so I won’t be rude. A few weeks pass and I am back to doing me. I log into myspace….. yes MYSPACE. I see a friend request. The man from the gas station has stalked me onto myspace! His profile name: the stimulus package. The man who had no gas money calls himself the stimulus package. giphy9Now I know you’re thinking “leave this fool alone!” The fast that I continue to be friendly just shows how far I have gone to be a good person to brothers even when they don’t deserve it!

Fast forward to New Year’s Day. I wake up late after being out at a party. Log into Myspace and see a message from him that loosely says “Listen….. I need to get this out. I want to  giphy8 yourgiphy9. I can be discreet and no one will know.”

That was it. I was done.  giphy17 I had nothing left to give. I needed to do something drastic to forget this one. giphy19


Check on your strong friends……

We all have those moments where we need a shoulder to lean on. Life and situations have us torn up and beat down and we just need to let it out. When things get rough there are two types of people in this world: the ones who wear their hearts on their sleeve and those that get strong and get it done. The former are the ones that people rally around. The latter, people like me, are the ones that are easily forgotten.

I have always had a stoic personality. My mom says that I got it from my dad. I am not sure but I do know that I am not usually the one to let things get me down. Tears are worthless to me because after I have cried it out, the only thing I have gotten in return is a headache. I have no solutions and no help. So I have to keep going. People like me are quickly forgotten because we are not prone to breaking down into hysterical tears when life gets hard. The only way people usually know that you’re hurting is to see your tears. However, that isn’t me and it’s not people that are like me. We are go getters but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need to be checked on sometimes. If anything, we probably need it more.

We do not have an outlet: ever. We can’t take care of our own well being because we are being called upon to take care of others. So the question is: who takes care of the people who take care of everyone else? The answer is: No one. We are completely alone. No one to lean on. No one to give us an encouraging word. We are just here. So I say: please check on your strong friends too. We need it just as much as the next person.


Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day when we honor those who have given their lives for our country. As the sister in law and daughter of servicemen who were fortunate enough to make it home, I can’t imagine the pain losing them would have caused me. Lives lost for the freedom of others.

One question: can we include the hundreds of men women and children who lost their lives so that Joe Bob could be free to buy an assault rifle? Are they to be honored on Memorial Day as well?


There have been too many moments of silence. Silence is the issue……

Whitney Houston sang “I believe the children are our future…..” and everyone applauded. Our children ARE our future and without them there is no future. What happened to that? When did we stop caring about our kids? We are ready to fight the teacher about Johnny not getting gluten free applesauce at lunch but babies……literal babies can be gunned down in art class and no one blinks an eye. What could possibly be more important to us than protecting 6 year olds who’s only crime is trusting the adults in their lives?

While Whitney sang about children, The O’Jays let us know about another part of human nature. The worship of money. Dinero. The Dollar Dollar bill y’all. The lyrics say

For the love of money
People will lie, Lord, they will cheat
For the love of money
People don’t care who they hurt or beat
For the love of money
A woman will sell her precious body
For a small piece of paper it carries a lot of weight
Call it lean, mean, mean green

Politicians are ready to sell our children up the river to keep money given to them by the NRA. I am not against guns. I want to learn to use one this summer. However, I do not believe that someone needs to have an AR-15 as a civilian. I also don’t think that we should brush mental illness under the rug. In EVERY instance, the shooter has shown the signs of being unstable, yet EVERYTIME they are ignored. In 1996, Eric Harris started a website where he began teaching others how to make bombs. In 1998, he and Dylan Klebold wrote about wanting to carry out a bombing/massacre to rival the Oklahoma City Bombing which occurred April 19,1995. On April 20, they committed the Columbine mass shooting where 15 people died. In 7th grade, Adam Lanza was obsessed with war and violence, writing extremely graphic 10 page stories about death. The teacher reported her concerns but his parents did not feel it was serious and he received no mental health treatment after 2008. On December 14, 2012, Adam killed his mother and proceeded to Sandy Hook Elementary school and promptly killed 26th people, among them were 20 1st graders. 1st graders! 6 year old children massacred in the ONE place that should have been a safe space.

Sandy Hook should have been all that was needed to cause change. But holding on to a gun is much more important than babies. Our elected officials give us a hollow “my thoughts and prayers” yet DO NOTHING. Faith without works is DEAD! Nothing will change until we step out and change them. The ease with which people, even mentally ill people can purchase a gun is SICKENING! How many people are still voting for people who don’t value our children? How will you feel if it’s YOUR child that’s dead? I’m sure they will care then.


Excuse me but Old school black mommas BEEN the Real MVP

Over the weekend, most of the world was caught up in the royal wedding of Prince “been living my BEST life” Harry and Meghan Markle. I have never been a huge fan of the royal family but my mother was a huge Princess Diana fan. She was up to watch her wedding to Prince Charles and her funeral in real time. giphy25

We could tell that she was going to raise her children much like herself…..shunning tradition and treating everyone well. Her children did indeed carry on her legacy. Which brings me right back to the wedding. Anybody who has paid any attention knows that William is the one with the crown hovering overhead while Harry “the spare” has been doing his thing all over the globe. giphy26

What many people don’t realize is that Prince Harry BEEN about to risk it all for the chocolate girls so it didn’t surprise me at all that he ended up marrying a black girl!

giphy28 Look how he’s boo’d up with our first lady. giphy27

However, many people are talking about Meghan’s mom Doria Ragland and this picture of her giphy30.

Everyone ooh’d and ahhh’d over the fact that she attended her daughter’s wedding alone and how she did it with grace and class through many obstacles. I’m here to say……. OLD SCHOOL BLACK MOMMAS BEEN THE REAL MVP!!!! I was raised by one of these women. These women born in the 1950’s had something STRONG in them! If I didn’t have my mom, I wouldn’t have anyone either! She stood up for me when I was right and told me when I was wrong,… all by herself.

This is not a new phenomenon. This is what it has always been. Those mothers ride and die for their kids. They sacrificed for their kids. And they did it all without needing publicity or anyone else to notice. It’s never about being seen. They are content to work and sacrifice in the background.

The media would have you to think that black women get pregnant for fame and fortune. While there are lots of those types of women…… There are even more women like Ms. Ragland. She played the hand she was dealt and now she gets to reap the rewards of her hard work. Hats off to you Momma Ragland and all of the other mothers out here doing it alone. It’s hard work but our kids deserve it!